[Chameleon] possible errors in the description of tags, other ambiguities

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Mon Dec 17 16:00:35 EST 2007

Normand Savard wrote:
> Maciej Sieczka wrote:

>> "If left empty, wmsparse will be looked for under it's
>> default location /path/to/chameleon/htdocs/common/wmsparse.
>> If not found there, the built in PHP parser will be used
>> (slower and obsolete). One needs to compile wmsparse and
>> make sure it's available under the default location or put
>> his custom path to wmsparse if needed."
>> Lengthy and could use better English but along these lines
>> would be understandable for newcommers IMHO.

> I think it's better in fact.

>> I don't even know what "Chameleon as a remote server" means
>> so I should be OK :). Thanks for the hint. How can I learn
>> what it is, though?

> http://chameleon.maptools.org/help/viewer.phtml

Right, the ServiceInstance. Must have missed it, thanks. I
wouldn't be me if I did not complain though - this doc
mentions only 8 cwc2 configuration options, while there are
13 in my (Chameleon 2.4.1) cwc2.xml. As for chameleon.xml,
the online help InstallationGuide mentions 6 options,
whereas my chameleon.xml has 17 of them. Some of these can
be found described in other parts of the documentation (not
sure if all), but it would make sense if they were also
introduced in the main instalation guide - what they are,
why not/edit them, links to other places in the docs where
they are described in their context.

Moreover the InstalationGuide is not up-to-date with current
Chameleon directory structure. And I'm not sure if I adapt
it to the current one properly (well anyway Chameleon is
running, but it would be better to know).

Without such glitches the documentation would be more
usefull for newbies.


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