[Chameleon] ExtractWFSData

Jonathan Voss jonathan.voss at uni.edu
Fri Dec 28 19:00:01 EST 2007

Hi all,

I'm trying to use the ExtractWFSData widget to make shapefiles available 
for download. However, making shapefiles with it does not work. It seems 
to think there is no data in the range, however GML downloads work. I 
looked into it a bit more, and a call to ogr2ogr seems to fail. And that 
function seems to fail at a call to @OGROpen. I noticed that someone 
else had this problem a few years ago, and it was recommended that he 
rebuild the php_ogr library. I am not sure if this solved his problem.

Is this still the recommended solution? If so, how can I build this on 
Windows? Can I use cygwin or do I have to use Visual Studios?


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