[Chameleon] Error in function CWCDHTML_FindObjectPosX(obj)

Alexys Herleym Rodriguez Avellaneda alexys_6 at yahoo.es
Fri Jun 1 19:55:48 EDT 2007


I am doing one aplication based in sample_enhanced.html.

The changes that i am doing are: 
-The position of the layers are relatives to one global table. (the position of some layers are relative, and the in original aplication are absolute)
- I put other layers 

The error says:

obj has no properties
while (obj.offsetParent)
cwc_dhtml.js (line 426)

I am seeing the debugger and the call stack is:
1-Java Script Global Code call  MapWidgetInitVariables();
2- In MapDHTML.js the function MapWidgetInitVariables() call MapWComputeMapPosition();
3- MapDHTML.js call gMapWhspc = CWCDHTML_FindObjectPosX( document.getElementById('mapFrameTL'));
4- And finally cwc_dhtml.js (line 426) send the error.

The URL with more changes respect to sample_enhanced.html is:

An there are other with less changes relative to sample_enhanced.html is:

The aplication does not find the element mapFrameTL, 

1-please some advise for the solution.
2- I need other ideas for put the elements relatives to the cells in one global table that locks up (to frame) all aplication (institucional frame)


I wish a good weekend for all people.

Alexys H
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