[Chameleon] Mixing PHP code in the template file: It is necesary a new Widget?

Alexys Herleym Rodriguez Avellaneda alexys_6 at yahoo.es
Fri Jun 8 15:50:42 EDT 2007


I have the next php code:

This php script take the data from a table of polygons, and it do a list with the unique name values (regions names). When the user do clic in a item in this list, the aplication must do a zoom to the polygons boundary representing the list item, and another list with the names of polygon's subregions inside the selected region is filled. Then the user can select the second list and do a zoom to the boundaries to the specific subregion.

The question is:
1- how ca i run this php script inside de html template in my chameleon aplication?. I attempt to do that but the application do not recognize the php code. Wath diferents possibilities ia have?

By other side:

It is a good idea to continue doing application with chameleon, because some people speak about disadvantages, and the list support is not good, the documentation, is a little static. Wath is the recomended application for web mapping?


Alexys H.

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