[Chameleon] new member from indonesia...need help

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Hi Aji,
I think there is a simpler way to do it. It is perfectly well possible
to put links in your attributes, without modifying your queryresults
For example, try putting in an attribute value like :
<a href='/afdelingen/afdIV.html' target=#>Afd IV</a>
This will show up as a link in your queryresults.
Sometimes it is easier to do automate this in excel:
Put this in the 1st column:
<a href='/afdelingen/
2nd column:
3rd column:
.html' target=#>
4th column:
5th column:
6th column:
if you open a DBF in excel, make a backup first; ensure column widths
are sufficiently wide, and bear in mind your attribute names become
Best regards,


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	First off all I wolud like to thank to you Sir..
	Actually I am trying to customise the results.
	I will give an example:
	as we know when user choose the 'i' button and click in any area
of the map, we can get the result of the query as show below
	the file is :../widgets/Query/QueryResults.phtml
	The file read 2 dbf file : Afdeling.dbf and Kebun.dbf. I would
like to add some information
	after word Afdeling which is LINK. If user click the word (LINK)
it will jump to more detail
	about the afdeling. FYI Kebun means estate in Indonesia and
afdeling is the smallest unit in 
	Thanks in advance
	an earlier reply will be appreciated
	warmest regard

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