[Chameleon] clear NAV_CMD

Julien-Samuel Lacroix jlacroix at mapgears.com
Wed May 9 16:40:38 EDT 2007

Other widgets had this problem at a point. It was resolve by clearing 
the NAV_CMD like you did. Widgets that submit the page, but don't use 
the NAV_CMD parameter have to clear it before submitting. If you look in 
the WMSBrowser widget for example, it clears the NAV_CMD on every page 
submit like this:
         {$this->mszHTMLForm}.NAV_CMD.value = "";

This should be enough to deactivate the other Navigation tools. Let us 
know if you have any problem with this.

Best regards,

Jesse Cleary wrote:
> Hi folks
> I'm working on a very simple Chameleon based map with onmouseover and 
> onclick functionality using a customization of the MapTips widget.  
> Because of the onClick bit, my ZoomIn and ZoomOut widgets are presenting 
> a problem.  Because they remain active after the map refreshes, a user's 
> onClick action to get a MapTip also activates the selected widget asugin 
> another refresh and not the desired onclick event.  I've tried to clear 
> the NAV_CMD variable in my custom MapTips JS but I can't get that code 
> fired ahead of the Zoom actions.  I'm using the scale zoom in the 
> interim which provides a less desirable zoom function.
> Any ideas on how to clear the NAV_CMD variable and/or de-select the Zoom 
> widgets after refresh without tinkering with the base Zoom widget code?  
> The base code powers several other Chameleon apps that I don't want this 
> fix applied to.  Thanks for any ideas you can suggest...
> Jesse
> Chameleon 2.4 (non JSAPI)
> with MS 4.8.1
> on Fedora Core 4

Julien-Samuel Lacroix

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