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Julien-Samuel Lacroix jlacroix at mapgears.com
Thu May 17 14:21:42 EDT 2007

It's always tricky to reply to that kind of questions. The short answer 
is that Chameleon is not obsolete at all. It was design to do a certain 
job and it does it very well. The main reason there's less activity 
recently is probably that Chameleon acheived the main goals that we 
aimed at the beginning for it. It now needs some core changes to go a 
step further. We discussed those steps at last year conference and tried 
to get some funding through the year, some work have already been done, 
but there's still a lot to do.

Others may have different opinions on the main goals of Chameleon and I 
encourage them to share their point of view. To summarize, I think we 
can say that Chameleon was build to allow easy development and 
deployment of advance webmapping sites (As I said, others may have 
better wording than me). IMHO it does it really well! But everything 
depends on your needs. There's  a lot of other products out there and 
they are great too. The choice of technology really depends on your 
needs. To help you there's an OSGeo wiki page:


If you want to replicate GoogleMaps or if you want to have 10000 
visitors a hour, Chameleon is not the better choice. But if you want to 
dynamically add WMS layer to your maps or change your map attributes, 
then Chameleon can answer your needs.

To answer your other questions, since you did not stated your goals I 
can't really answer all your questions. If you want a nice application 
to start with, then Chameleon can works for you.


dream police wrote:
> Hi List,
> This is a question of general order addressed at all present and past 
> users of chameleon. I would like to learn more about Web Gis and had a 
> few questions, the answers of which are not easily findable by simple 
> web search. Chameleon looks great to me but I am looking for a long term 
> solution and so would appreciate sound advice from Web Gis specialists.
> My questions:
> 1) Is chameleon obsolete for the functionality it proposes to fulfill? 
> (its mailing list is somewhat inactive compared to those of other web 
> gis development environments: kamap, cartoweb, mapbender)
> 2) If yes, why?
> 3) If yes, what alternatives could you propose to accomplish the same goals?
> 4) For what reasons?
> 5) What is the solution that confronts best the future challenges of Web 
> Gis?
> Thanks in advance for all replys!
> Johnny
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