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Delfos, Jacob Jacob.Delfos at maunsell.com
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Hi Johnny,
I agree with Julien, in that Chameleon is complete enough to be used
as-is, without necessarilily needing much changes. There are also no
real bugs left that you would run into in normal situations. But I'm
sure that will change if core-changes are made.
We have a web-mapping system that has chameleon at its core, and use it
as out-of-the-box functionality (and have been doing so for a few
years), so I don't think you need to be concerned about committing to a
long-forgotten package.
Regarding future challenges: Chameleon supports panning/zooming without
submitting the whole page, which is AJAX-like behaviour. But either way,
I normally go with a solution that addresses the current needs as best
as possible, rather than optimising for a scenario that doesn't exist
yet and never may,or a past scenario that doesn't hold anymore, like
compatability with ancient browsers at the expense of current
Hope this answers some of your questions,


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	Hi List,
	This is a question of general order addressed at all present and
past users of chameleon. I would like to learn more about Web Gis and
had a few questions, the answers of which are not easily findable by
simple web search. Chameleon looks great to me but I am looking for a
long term solution and so would appreciate sound advice from Web Gis
	My questions: 
	1) Is chameleon obsolete for the functionality it proposes to
fulfill? (its mailing list is somewhat inactive compared to those of
other web gis development environments: kamap, cartoweb, mapbender) 
	2) If yes, why?
	3) If yes, what alternatives could you propose to accomplish the
same goals?
	4) For what reasons?
	5) What is the solution that confronts best the future
challenges of Web Gis?
	Thanks in advance for all replys! 

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