[Chameleon] Session error due to a problem drawing the map

Rafael Báez rbaez at sopde.es
Wed May 23 04:31:49 EDT 2007


I’m using Chameleon to develop a web map application, and it works really
well most of the time, but sometimes I get an error like the one described


The problem is that sometimes the image is not generated, causing the
session error described before, and causing other widgets to fail, for
instance, in KeyMapDHTML, I get a “Call to a member function on a
 non-object” error, which is quite obvious because there’s no image.

I also get this problem with the Scalebar widget, which sometimes also fails
to show.

I’ve tried to slightly modify the drawmap.php code which causes the error,
but haven’t been able to find what the problem is.

Any hints about this?

I’m now using ms4w 1.5.5 and chameleon 2.4.1 for developing and testing my
web map app, and need to fix this before moving to a Linux server machine.

I really need to solve this problem, so your help would be really
Thank you in advance.

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