[Chameleon] Studio installation for chameleon

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Mon Nov 5 08:29:37 EST 2007


>Hello Norm , Anand
>           Anand i think u need to point the chameleon
>path in config.local 
>Norm: the installation went fine and it is working
>perfectly but i have 2 issues 
>1- when i try to make i get error about the CVS so can
>u tell me CVSROOT i should use ?
Sherif, could you clarify "when I try to make"?

>2- in teh studio.xml file there is many options about
>project / mapfile / data / etc / symbol ... all should
>point to where my application mapfile is ? or what ? "
>i tested only with sample_other.phtml from chameleon
>it self "
I don't exactly for all the parameters but for the symbol parameter it 
is where Studio saved the symbols appearing in its interface.  I'll 
check when I have a few minutes.


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