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Nolte, Tim Tim.Nolte at ipcswirelessinc.com
Thu Nov 15 14:20:48 EST 2007

Hey Max,

I would definitely release with using Google Maps API only. Actually, I
could go so far as to support Yahoo & MapQuest API's as well and have
widget parameters that can select the API service to use. I'm assuming
when you talk about having the choice of nation/region/street you mean
geocode quality. I wasn't aware that you could select a geocode quality
to use with Google's API, I do know that when it returns the result is
returns also the geocode quality that is used. As soon as I can I'll
work on generalizing the widget a bit more and throw it out there for
people to try. I'm wondering where the best place is to put up the
widget. It would be nice if there was a Widget repository somewhere that
people could use to share widgets that they've developed.

- Tim

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> Definitively interested.
> I was thinking at something similar....
> Why don't directly call google api, parse and get the lat 
> long, convert 
> in current projection and render or zoom in?
> The widget could ask for a google key parameters...
> An the render should include a choiche of Nation, Region, Street, 
> number, etc....
> in the case in the widget nation is specifyed the widget will not ask 
> for it as an input...
> Make sense?
> Cheers,
> Maxi
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