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Hi Norm, List

Sorry, this was a misunderstanding.
I mean, I can not see the data from the wms server (no image) and I wonder why?
The wms layers of dmsolutions are add to the legend, but no image or any kind of visual data presentation get displayed. Even at the unchanged example 
OGC Widgets
	Sample using widgets from the OGC widget group
->no image of dmsolutions.
What might be the problem?


The tip concerning the themelegend is very helpful and interesting but this is one step forward.

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Buchholz, Robert wrote:

>Norm, List
>I did not change anything. The sample show the layer names but not the polygon and raster (group??? -no goups!-) symbols in the legend section.  

I think I understand what you mean.  The thing is that the application title is wrong.  This is not an application with a theme legend but a standard legend.  I will correct that.  In order for to have a WMS application that uses a theme legend you need to do the following modifications.


in sample_ogc.html

change this:
  <cwc2 type="LegendTemplate" visible="true" embedded="true" 
template="legend_template.html" popupstyleresource="TextButtons" 
popupwidth="500" popupheight="400" status="false" menubar="false"/>

for this:

  <cwc2 type="XMLThemeLegend" popupwidth="400" popupheight="400">
        <selection name="SampleLegend" 
themefile="sample_themeswms.xml" contextfile="" 

and modify your sample_themes.xml to look like:

        <separator name="Separator" isVisible="yes" src="http://..."/>
        <themeParams bold="true" font="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" 
size="2"   extendAbstract="true" icon="images/unknown.gif" 
        <groupParams bold="false"  font="arial" size="8.25" 
extendAbstract="true" icon="images/unknown.gif" visible="true"/>
    <theme name="Raster" type="checkbox" ABSTRACT="TBA">
        <group name="Raster world" ABSTRACT="TBA" visible="true">
            <layer name="WorldPolitical"/>
            <layer name="WorldGen_Outline"/>
            <layer name="WorldRoads"/>
            <layer name="WorldPlaces"/>
            <layer name="WorldPOI"/>
    <theme name="Polygon" type="checkbox" ABSTRACT="TBA">
        <group name="World general" ABSTRACT="TBA" visible="true" 
            <layer name="WorldGen"/>

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