AW: AW: [Chameleon] WMS

Normand Savard nsavard at
Tue Oct 9 10:36:19 EDT 2007

Buchholz, Robert wrote:

>Hi Norm, List
>Sorry, this was a misunderstanding.
>I mean, I can not see the data from the wms server (no image) and I wonder why?
>The wms layers of dmsolutions are add to the legend, but no image or any kind of visual data presentation get displayed. Even at the unchanged example 
>OGC Widgets
>	Sample using widgets from the OGC widget group
>->no image of dmsolutions.
>What might be the problem?

If I understand correctly you're saying that the layers appear in the 
legend but there is no map.  I mean there is no data in the map area.  
Is that it?

If this is the case, type in the following URL in you browser and tell 
me if you see any image:


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