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William Bronsema wbronsema at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Oct 11 15:42:16 EDT 2007

Hi Robert,

1) The buffer units will always be the same units as in the map.  In the
mapfile you should have an entry something like “UNITS METERS”.  These are
the units that your map data is in.  The buffer tool uses these units.  The
only way you can have units different than the ones in the mapfile is if you
modify the widget code and make it work in the units you want.
2) You can only buffer a feature once in a single ROI.  By that I mean you
cannot buffer a buffer.  You should be able to use “Add Mode” for the ROI
and set a buffer, pick a feature, set a different buffer, pick a feature,
etc. until you have all the features you want in you ROI.
3) Yes, the WMS service should work in the samples and it does for me.
 Buffering, however, is not possible on WMS layers.  I believe Norm is
helping you through the WMS issues you are having?


William Bronsema
Senior Applications Specialist
DM Solutions Group Inc.


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Hi Bill,
->As for the buffer value, you need to set it first, then pick a feature on
the map. 
That was the solution!!! From other GIS I am used to select a feature first
and than do buffering.
-> i.e. if your map units are metres
1. Where can I change the units (meter, miles...). To my imagination the
bufferdistance is not correct. Setting a buffervalue of 5000 and mesuring
the buffered distance by the Measuring Distance tool I get 3.1 mi (miles?).?
2. Can I do buffering only once? How to use the Clear selected Features tool
(Display: down left->Error on page)? After buffering I want to do another
buffering with smaler buffering value. 
3. Please give a statment concerning the WMS. Schould the service of
dmsolutions work with the Sample "OGC Widgets"? I cannot see a map.
Thanks a lot so far,

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