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shiva ramnarine shiva_ramnarine at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 31 01:18:36 EDT 2007

Hey guys, i finally got my data being displayed using chameleon, thanks. I had to reverse engineer the map file to get it to work. had to change the projection but wasn't sure how to state the WGS codes in the map file so i stuck with the EPSG codes. i tried the Qgis app but i was getting an error everytime it tried to create a map file for me. I downloaded the new one which supposedly fixed that bug but i got the same error. At least it is working. 

My questions today are, 1) does chameleon have a widget for calculating distances within a map?
                                            2) how safe are the none TECHRELEASE widgets?
                                             3) can i export information to a pdf file or file of my choice?
                                             4) just for knowing, how do you state a WGS code? i know the EPSG codes is stated like PROJECTION
                                                 (  By chance is  it  PROJECTION
                                                               END )

thanks in advance

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