[Chameleon] RE: Measuring Distances.....

Julien-Samuel Lacroix jlacroix at mapgears.com
Wed Oct 31 09:51:21 EDT 2007


1) Chameleon has a Ruler widget that can be used to measure distance. 
See the sample with enhanced widgets. It's the little ruler beside the 
panning tool.

2) TECHRELEASE widgets have been tested and reviewed by the team in the 
inital release of Chameleon 2.0. BETA widgets were still in development 
at the time and less time have been involve in the testing of those. 
That's the only difference. You can be fairly confident that BETA widget 
are working perfectly. Most of the time ALPHA widgets have not had 
enough feedback from the community to be move to BETA.

3) Which information do you want to export? There's the PrintProduction 
widget that can create a PDF for you.

4) See the projection documentation in the mapserver doc. You can 
probably find there all the information you need:


shiva ramnarine wrote:
> Hey guys, i finally got my data being displayed using chameleon, thanks. 
> I had to reverse engineer the map file to get it to work. had to change 
> the projection but wasn't sure how to state the WGS codes in the map 
> file so i stuck with the EPSG codes. i tried the Qgis app but i was 
> getting an error everytime it tried to create a map file for me. I 
> downloaded the new one which supposedly fixed that bug but i got the 
> same error. At least it is working.
> My questions today are, 1) does chameleon have a widget for calculating 
> distances within a map?
>                                    2) how safe are the none TECHRELEASE 
> widgets?
>                                    3) can i export information to a pdf 
> file or file of my choice?
>                                    4) just for knowing, how do you state 
> a WGS code? i know the EPSG codes is stated like PROJECTION
>                                     "init=epsg:4326"
>                  END
>                                       (  By chance is  it  PROJECTION
> "datum=WGS84"
>                                                                END )
> thanks in advance
> Shiva
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