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William Bronsema wbronsema at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Sep 5 11:39:09 EDT 2007

Hi Tim,

FYI - The EOT notation in PHP can be a real "gotcha".  

PHP lets you create block of code as strings by starting with "<<<EOT" and
ending with "EOT;".  The gotcha is the fact that the closing "EOT;" MUST be
on a line by itself with no characters before or after it.

This is what was likely causing your problems.


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Well, I was well aware that the unexpected end error was generally due
to something missing. But if anyone else looked through the code they
would have found no errors in the PHP code, as I did. What I did find
was an issue with using <<<EOT and just putting the raw HTML code in
there. I ended up needing to put it all in an actual string and escape
the double quotes. I was able also to trim down some extras that I found
I didn't need. Everything is working pretty great now. I'm still pretty
foggy on the whole widget creation process but I think I'm a little bit

The other thing I'd like to do is to use an native Chameleon button as
my submit button rather than a plain old form submit button. I'm not
quite sure how I do this. Would it be best to use an existing widget
like the UpdateMap widget and extend it for my widget or is there
something else? I want to make use of the Chameleon icons for my button.
Thanks for everyone's help.

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This kind of error happens if a curly bracket ('}') is missing or if you

have a comment line that is not commented correctly.


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