[Chameleon] Chameleon 2.6 RC1 Broken Update Map in JSAPI

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Wed Sep 12 16:01:24 EDT 2007

Nolte, Tim wrote:

>I tried this code before, I just double checked everything and put in
>your suggested changes and still nothing. Also, I might mention that the
>Chameleon JSAPI sample Update Map button no longer works in 2.6 either.
>I really think this is a 2.6 bug.

There maybe a bug but we need to verify some points before.  Does the 
code appear in the source page?  Does the ChangeLayerStatus JavaScript 
function get call?  Are they any JavaScript error in the console or PHP 

Notice that UpdateMap widget has no JSAPI mode before 2.6.  It was 
submitting the page.

Can you give me the URL where you take this legendtemplate code?  Is it:


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