[Chameleon] Diference: GetJavascriptInitFunctions vs GetJavascriptOnLoadFunctions

Alexys Herleym Rodriguez Avellaneda alexys_6 at yahoo.es
Sat Jan 12 10:24:26 EST 2008


I need to know what is the diference between GetJavascriptInitFunctions and GetJavascriptOnLoadFunctions. 

When i use one or other?

In the sample widget UUW, they use GetJavascriptOnLoadFunctions to show the load the javascript funtion to show the report:
$aReturn['showReport'] = “showReport();\n”;

but in the querybyshape widget they use GetJavascriptInitFunctions to load the function to show the popup:
$aResult['QueryFedeganWShowPopup'] = "QueryFedeganWShowPopup();\n";

Can somebody tellme what is the difference. When i use one or other?

Thanks in advance.

Alexys H

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