[Chameleon] Change layer status

Alexys Herleym Rodriguez Avellaneda alexys_6 at yahoo.es
Mon Mar 3 14:29:17 EST 2008

Hi Julien,

Thanks for your help.

This was the only way to show the Municipios's layers. This is the way that legend template work.

                    if ($this->isVarSet("legendlayername"))
                     $aLegendLayers = $this->getVar("legendlayername");
                     #echo "legendlayername = ".implode("-", $this->getVar("legendlayername")) ."<br>";
                     if (!in_array("Municipios", $aLegendLayers)) #Si no esta en el array coloquelo
                     array_push($aLegendLayers, "Municipios");             
                     $this->setVar("legendlayername", $aLegendLayers);
 By other side, the legend template doesn't have mnPriority, and i try to put it, and doesn't work (it does't show the legend)

My widget has $this->mnPriority = PRIORITY_HIGH;, it means that it process first. But doen't work. The only solution was the above code.

Thanks for your help.

Alexys H

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The widget that use those checkbox to define the layers' status is the 
LegendTemplate widget. The problem is probably that your custom widget 
is processed before the legend template. To make it happen after you can 
set its priority below the LegendTemplate priority(PRIORITY_MEDIUM). So 
set it like that in the Constructor:

$this->mnPriority = PRIORITY_LOW;

Does it help?

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