[Chameleon] Map refresh slower at bigger scale - Update Map without submit

Federica De Martin federica.demartin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 05:51:21 EDT 2008

<<< I write again beacuse I cannot see my message - Hope this isn't a
problem >>>

Hi everybody,
Thank you. I 've changed something in my mapfile but finally the more useful
change has been the modify of the DATA statemen. Instead of an SQL with many
joins I reduced it to an essential SQL, so I renounced the query tool of
chameleon and wrote specific MyOnQuery function for my data.
Now I want to remove the submit in the "UpdateMap" button that slows down
the use of the application. I use Chameleon 2.4 with some inserts from 2.6
rc1; I tried using the UpdateMap widget from 2.6 rc1 but it doesn't work as
I read in the Chameleon archive. Is there a way to make "UpdateMap" button
work without submitting the page?

Thank you in advance,
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