[Chameleon] CwcImage_0 when upgrading to Chameleon 2.6

john lace johnlace65 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 1 10:47:15 EDT 2008

Dear Justin:Thanks for your reply. But all 4 checkpoint you mention seem to be ok.1.- The chameleon dir is exactly 'chameleon', no capital letters.2.- There seems to be no directory or files names changed.3.- I've double checked the temp folder paths.  No typos.4.- All temp folders are rights 777. By the way,   php error log is clean.I'm attaching the Chameleon config, using the Admin. Please take a look at it.  Thanks in advance. John Lace ----------------web_server_path  /chameleon/htdocs/ows_schemas_location http://ogc.dmsolutions.cawms_parse_file  wms_connectiontimeout 30validate_template truedefault_language en-CAinvalid_session_template  /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/error.htmlmapscript_module php_mapscript.so image_type  AUTObutton_cache_path /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/ms_tmp/buttons/button_cache_web_path /ms_tmp/buttons/tmp_web_path  /ms_tmp/tmp_img_path  /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/ms_tmp/execution_timeout 120maturity_level  ALPHAcount_hits  falsecache_mlt  true 

From: justin.ngan at utoronto.caTo: johnlace65 at hotmail.comSubject: RE: [Chameleon] CwcImage_0 when upgrading to Chameleon 2.6Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2008 07:56:21 -0400

Hi John, 
I think you are right that it is 1 of 4 possible problems.
The first you have already guessed. Pretty well all Apache (I’m assuming) and Unix setups are case sensitive. So if you did not rename your new environment the same way, you will have this EXACT problem.
Second, I have not made the switch to 2.6 but there could be a directory structure change. So, you might want to confirm that is not the case.
Third, is there any chance that any part of the path to the images folder has been named incorrectly?
Fourth, are there sufficient rights for READ and WRITE to the images directory?
I think that’s it but I’m pretty sure that one will address your problem. It looks very much like a problem encountered during setup. Oh, and if you’ve not used it, the ADMIN (HTML) page for Chameleon to  check all the ‘expected’ ‘environment’ paths will be very helpful. You can confirm what your paths are and then check where the HTML page is expecting to find the images in the same place!
I hope this helps

From: chameleon-bounces at lists.maptools.org [mailto:chameleon-bounces at lists.maptools.org] On Behalf Of john laceSent: Monday, September 01, 2008 1:20 AMTo: chameleon at lists.maptools.orgSubject: [Chameleon] CwcImage_0 when upgrading to Chameleon 2.6
Hi. I have used chameleon 2.4 for a while, and now I downloaded and installed Chameleon 2.6 for some new functionality that I need.  But as soon as I download and unpack it, on a Linux CentOS server, all buttons configured on my own or on the Sample Applications are replaced by a text saying "cwcimage_0".   The buttons work ok, only the gif, png or any other image never shows.  As soon as I rename the 'chameleon-2.4' directory back to 'chameleon', all buttons show correctly.  I've read a mail from gianluigi.nozza at tiscali.it , Jan 08, with the same problem, according to him it was an unpacking problem for ms4w.  I've carefully untar the Chameleon 2.6 tar.gz file directly to my /htdocs/ directory in the apache dir, right by the chameleon-2.4 dir, but I can't get to see the buttons. Maybe this is a capitalization problem that only shows on linux? Thanks for your help. John Lace

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