[Chameleon] zindex of map layer - overlay div

Andreas Douvalis anddreas2 at yahoo.gr
Thu Sep 30 02:18:49 EST 2010

I have made
one template with fullscreen maplayer div and cascading divs (divs that overlay each other)
for tools and legend.


z-index of  MapLayerBG: 10 (from MapDHTML.js – jsapi mode)


z-index of  MapLayerDiv: 11


z-index of   tools
layer: 1114 (or everything bigger than 12 which is roi layer index)


z-index legend:


The problem
is that, although layer with tools overlay  MapLayerDiv and MapLayerBG, when I click to
select one tool (inside tools layer area), the tool is active for all maplayer
area beside the overlapping. It seems that overlapping of divs does not
deactivate-activate the tool.


I am
thinking of inserting onmouse-evets for activate and deactivate the tools but I
don’t like that solution.


Is any way
to alter tools widget and  ignore the
overlay layers.

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