[Chameleon] zindex of map layer - overlay div

Julien-Samuel Lacroix jlacroix at mapgears.com
Thu Sep 30 09:34:52 EST 2010


I'm not sure I understood all the problem, but you have to be careful 
when playing with zIndex. Most widgets that use the map have a hardcoded 
zIndex. The MapDHTML for example use the following for different divs: 
10, 11, 20 and 30.

Your solution is probably the right one though. The MapDHTML also valids 
the mouse position to play with the page component.


On 10-09-30 10:28 AM, Andreas Douvalis wrote:
> I found solution for roi - line tool, so I think that solution is
> similar for the others tools.
> My solution:
> I check (with one if statement) the mouse position to be outside the
> area of tools and legend div. Simple
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