[FGS] Windows is an OS too

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jun 17 22:37:58 EDT 2004

Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> You may have heard of that legacy system called "windows" - I don't want 
> it to fall off the radar too, but it certainly is a target platform for me 
> as well as linux. 
> The Windows Openev, ms4w and PostGIS packages have helped open this stuff 
> up a lot to a broader "off the shelf" end user group - it's been great. 
> I've also used autorun demo CD's using postgis and mapserver, as well as 
> static linked mapserver executables.
> I know in some ways Windows is easier to handle and in some ways it may be 
> harder.  Any ideas of the different types of issues we will have to deal 
> with for one over the other?  I have access to a variety of windows 
> platforms.


While at this time I would prefer to see a focus on a deeper Linux toolbox
rather than builds for several different platforms you certainly have a point.
However, I think it is somewhat harder to collaberate on a windows suite and
windows builds are often much harder than linux builds.

Anyways, should we achieve a reasonable degree of functionality on Linux
we could certainly look at other platforms.

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