[FGS] Announcement of this project

Wood Brent pcreso at pcreso.com
Sat Jun 19 17:12:29 EDT 2004

Looking at the (growing) list of applications we are looking at including, I
figure an announcement on relevant lists describing this project & pointing at
the wiki is probably appropriate. Hopefully it will engender interest & support
from the developers and users of the packages involved.

Perhaps wait a week or two to get a more complete list of the applications
involved, then on the wiki we could put together the content for an
announcement email & build up a list of addresses it should be sent to? 

The FGS vision on the wiki could be a good start for the content, but ideally I
think it should go out once to each list in a coordinated fashion.

How do we best sort out where to send it? I subscribe to several relevant
lists, & am sure others here belong to some of the same as well as others.
Should we have a page on the wiki where people can enter the package name, list
email address and the name of the person who will send it there, so the same
message gets sent out _once_ to each list on our list of lists :-) 

The we agree on the message & when to send it & each person sends it to their
assigned lists.


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