[FGS] End-User objective

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Jun 21 09:53:58 EDT 2004

Yves Moisan wrote:
> For the server side aspect of FOSS-GIS, this may be an interesting site 
> to consider.  Personally, I see a bunch of "geodata servers" -- those 
> servers could be any OGC compliant servers (MITOrthoServer is apparently 
> OGC 1.0) --  or some sort of data broker that would fetch data from 
> geodata servers and a GIS desktop.  Do I understand well the FOSS-GIS 
> idea as being a vertical solution all the way from geodata serving to 
> data analysis ?  In this case, it would be nice to have a choice to 
> install either a "FOSS-geoserver layer" and/or a "FOSS geodata broker 
> layer" and/or a "FOSS GIS desktop layer".  If pieces could be decoupled, 
> then it would be possible to set up a web of geoservers and geoclients 
> (e.g in university labs).  And maybe when a clearer idea of a geodata 
> broker (WSDL/UDDI/GML ?) shapes up it can be implemented as a FOSS-GIS 
> layer.


I looked over the MITOrthoServer install and setup instructions.  Some of
the "requirements" section would be avoided in the FGS case as we the FGS
team provide all the preconditions for packages.  The MITOrthoServer does
a nice job of walking folks through the steps though.  It would be nice to
provide similar information as needed for FGS - however, I don't expect to
provide too much added-value tutorial material for particular products.
Perhaps others will see that as key and step up to the plate for it, but
I would generally consider detailed tutorial material to be the responsibility
of the original product team rather than us as packagers.

One thing Brent has raised though is the need for us to provide some sample
datasets that should work with various products.  Where possible (ie. spearfish
for GRASS) we should aim to distribute data easily used in the existing
tutorial material for the packages.

The other issue you raise is to offer various installation options so FGS
can be installed on server for just server purposes for instance.  I think
this will be handled just fine with our base package and then various layered
packages for particular packages.

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