[FGS] Re: netCDF

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Jun 22 09:23:56 EDT 2004

Wood Brent wrote:
> Frank,
> I'll be trying to set up GMT on the server over the next week or two. It
> requires netCDF, which you are down as overseeing.
> Should I wait for you to get this done, or install GMT anyway, with a local
> netCDF, then see if your netCDF install is compatible later on?


NetCDF is installed already in /home/fgs/fgs-pkgs/base.  The include files, and
a shared library form of it should be there.  Only the C API.  The status
information should be in the pkg-netcdf wiki page discussing all this.

I see my "status" information was lost from the table since it didn't match the
predefined values.  I have changed all my "complete" sub-packages to "Testing"
except for GDAL which I left on "Development" since I still want to configure
in some more stuff.

So, please to go ahead and work on a GMT package.  Let me know if you run into
issues with the netcdf.

Best regards,
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