Wood Brent pcreso at pcreso.com
Thu Jun 24 15:33:19 EDT 2004


If I've understood Franks instructions correctly, I have build & packaged GMT.

I added NETCDFHOME to Tyler's setenv.sh script (& sourced it before compiling).

Edited the normal GMT install script (basically removed the interactive stuff
that wasn't needed for this install to make a fgs-install version)

Copied the GMT tree to ~fgs/fgs-pkgs

ran fgsbuild to create the tar.gz

ran fgsinstall to make a local copy in my ~bwood/myfgs

It seems to have worked fine.

To use it there are still some environment variables to be set, & a bookmark to
the html docs. This is documented at the end of the install script if you wanna

eg: The following command will draw the New Zealand coastline, using high
resolution data, 1 pixel line weight in default colour=black, 18cm wide A4
portrait with 10 degree annotation on W & S axes only.

pscoast -R160/190/-55/-30 -Dh -W1 -JM18 -V -B10::WeSn -P > ~/test.ps


Please let me know if this is all done as you expected, or if I got summat
wrong somewhere....



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