[FGS] setup scripts

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jun 24 13:51:59 EDT 2004

Wood Brent wrote:
> I think Frank will be addressing this (if I've read some recent traffic right).
> But to clarify it for me:
> When we install a package from the suite, how are we setting up required
> environment variables, etc. as required for the package??
> Such as modifying default paths, manpaths, etc.
> As someone who is completely new to packaging software, my ignorance is pretty
> complete. It seems to me the easy way is simple instructions as to what needs
> to be done, without actually trying to do it automagically on all distros.


What end-users will do has not really something that has been worked out.

I have provides some notes on how we package developers might do it in our
.bashrc_profile on maxine, but it is less clear how we will accomplish this
for end users.

In my OpenEV_FW package I had a stock "cover script" for everything that
could be invoked from the bin directory.  This cover script took care of
adjusting all paths and stuff.  Also, I required folks to run a small
install script when they installed stuff.  This install script took care of
updating paths in the cover script based on where they chose to install things.
We could try and take a similar approach.

Another approach would be to just provide a "startup" script users would need
source manually or from their .bashrc/.cshrc to setup appropriate environment

A third approach is we just document what environment variables they need,
and let them add it whereever they want.

Any other suggestions?

My personal suggestion is that we take a similar approach to OpenEV with the
understanding that users can avoid our cover scripts if they wish and are
willing to set other environment variables apppropriately.  Also, I do think we
will need a small install program or script which would include some option for
post install "fixups" based on where the user ends up installing things.

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