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Thu Jun 24 16:42:58 EDT 2004


Did you use the fgs_configure and fgs_install shell script files?   It 
will help us help you :)

What we've been doing is creating these files for each package we are 
compiling.  Nothing special in them for the mostpart except that you need 
to tell ./configure where you are ultimately going to "install" these 

Take a copy of them from one of our src directories (i.e. 
/home/tyler/fgs/dev/python_src/Python-2.3.4/fgs_configure ).

fgs_configure should look something like this for you:

 ./configure  --prefix=/home/fgs/fgs-pkgs/gmt

Then when run that script (i.e. sh fgs_configure) and then do a make  - 
make install (sh fgs_install) will then create that folder and put just 
the required files/folders into the main fgs tree, as Frank pointed out.

As far as the /home/fgs/setenv.sh script goes, it really just sets up some 
paths for the base libraries.  We haven't discussed this at all, but I'm 
creating setenv.sh scripts for each package that I wrap up.  Usually I put 
it under that packages "install" folder (i.e. 
/home/fgs/fgs-pkgs/dev/python/setenv.sh) which, when run, just makes sure 
the executables and library paths are updated so I can start using the 

By the way, I know we didn't come right out and say it but we ( me ) 
should stop using ../fgs-pkgs/dev and instead just put apps right in the 
root ../fgs-pkgs/ folder (i.e. when using the above ./configure --prefix)

Hope that helps clarify things.
To summarize here's what you should probably do:
-delete /home/fgs/fgs-pkgs/GMT
-delete /home/fgs/fgs-pkgs/dev/GMT
-create a /home/bwood/GMT/GMT3.4.4/fgs_configure script that includes your 
required configure statement plus the --prefix parameter as used above
-In /home/bwood/GMT/GMT3.4.4, run the fgs_configure script (sh 
-Create a fgs_install script (all it probably needs it "make install" in 
it).  Run it too.
-Check out /home/fgs/fgs-pkgs - there should be gmt folder all ready to 
*-Optional (and open for discussion) create a 
/home/fgs/fgs-pkgs/gmt/setenv.sh script that sets the path to the bin 
folder and ld_library_path to the lib folder for GMT only.*

Let us know how it goes.


foss-gis-suite-bounces at lists.maptools.org wrote on 06/24/2004 12:48:42 PM:

> Wood Brent wrote:
> > I added NETCDFHOME to Tyler's setenv.sh script (& sourced it 
> before compiling).
> Brent,
> What does NETCDFHOME do?
> > To use it there are still some environment variables to be set, & 
> a bookmark to
> > the html docs. This is documented at the end of the install script
> if you wanna
> > play. 
> > 
> > eg: The following command will draw the New Zealand coastline, using 
> > resolution data, 1 pixel line weight in default colour=black, 18cm 
wide A4
> > portrait with 10 degree annotation on W & S axes only.
> > 
> > pscoast -R160/190/-55/-30 -Dh -W1 -JM18 -V -B10::WeSn -P > ~/test.ps
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > Please let me know if this is all done as you expected, or if I got 
> > wrong somewhere....
> Brent,
> Does GMT have an "install" target in the Makefile?  It seems like you 
> copied the whole build tree.  The idea is you "install" it in
> /home/fgs/fgs-pkgs/GMT.  You should end up with a "bin", "lib" and some
> other subdirectories directly under /home/fgs/fgs-pkgs/GMT (not in a
> GMT_3.4.4 subdirectory).
> The "staged" page should *not* include stuff like source, makefiles or
> configure scripts.
> If there is no install target in the GMT makefile then you will need to
> write an fgs_install that manually copies the important items over.
> .. Frank checks his own GMT build tree at home ...
> Confirmed, there is an install-all target.  You should just be able to
> do "make install-all" in your fgs_install script assuming you configured 
> the correct --prefix.
> Make sure you wipe away the old /home/fgs/fgs-pkgs/GMT tree before 
> it.
> Your almost there!
> Best regards,
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