Tyler Mitchell tjmitchell at riverside.bc.ca
Thu Jun 24 17:05:47 EDT 2004

Bear with me - I think I understand this by the end of the email, but I'll 
preserve my confusion for the record.

> For instance, the GMT binaries should unpack in the same bin directory 
> the base binaries. 

How so?  If prefix points to ../fgs-pkgs/gmt it wouldn't put bins under 
/fgs-pkgs/base/bin, rather ../gfs-pkgs/gmt/bin right?

That's what's been happening for me anyway.  Let's tweak my process then. 
I was never installing any app stuff under the base folder, always under 
an app folder which had it's own tree.  I treated base as a separate 
package that the apps never go into but like system-wide libraries and 

<tyler thinks for a bit>

I think I see why I'm getting confused.  You're two steps ahead of me :) 
We set our prefix for where to install stuff, but that is in essence going 
to be the folder that gets tar.gz'd for distribution right?  Then you are 
taking those folders and throwing them into the base when you "install" 
fgs on your system.

Am I catching the idea?  We're keeping base separate from apps until a 
user installs them, really just copying over bin, lib, man, etc into 
base's sub-folders.

Cool, now I understand.

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