Wood Brent pcreso at pcreso.com
Thu Jun 24 19:08:14 EDT 2004

My brain was configured to mirror & enlarge the confusion :-) & my legs have
more than two steps to catch up!

> > I think I see why I'm getting confused.  You're two steps ahead of me :) 
> > We set our prefix for where to install stuff, but that is in essence going 
> > to be the folder that gets tar.gz'd for distribution right?  Then you are 
> > taking those folders and throwing them into the base when you "install" 
> > fgs on your system.
> > 
> > Am I catching the idea?  We're keeping base separate from apps until a 
> > user installs them, really just copying over bin, lib, man, etc into 
> > base's sub-folders.
> > 
> > Cool, now I understand.

& I _think_ I understand, but some questions...

If all binaries for all apps in the suite share a common bin, lib, man, share
etc, how does a user remove just one package? Or are we assuming that any
update will need to be all fgs components from a given fgs version to ensure

Aside from simplifying paths etc, what is the advantage in sharing a bin
directory in this way? It seems tidier to me to have each package installed
separately in the fgs tree. I'm sure there are good reasons, I just don't know

Anyway, to keep on topic for the thread....

I've modified the GMT fgs-install to build in /home/fgs/fgs-pkgs.

Done the GMT build then fgsbuild & fgsinstall to set it up in ~bwood/myfgs

Question: under the base dir there are bin, lib, etc....

all binaries are in bin for all pkgs. In share, however there seem to be
separate dirs for each pkg.

GMT runs with the variable GMTHOME pointing to the GMT root directory, in this
case ~bwood/myfgs. Under this GMT expects to find bin, lib, share etc. All the
GMT share files (quite a few palettes, styles & data files) are in
~bwood/myfgs/share, _not_in  ~bwood/myfgs/share/GMT

While I can set up the GHSSH coastline data files elsewhere (eg
.../share/GHSSH) if you prefer, the others AFAIK need to be in ../share

Is this a problem?

Also, GMT installs examples, tutorials & html docs in various directories. 
They normally sit in a GMT directory. Where in the generic tree should these be



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