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Thu Jun 24 19:55:54 EDT 2004

Wood Brent wrote:
> & I _think_ I understand, but some questions...
> If all binaries for all apps in the suite share a common bin, lib, man, share
> etc, how does a user remove just one package? Or are we assuming that any
> update will need to be all fgs components from a given fgs version to ensure
> interoperability/compatability.


It isn't my intention to address uninstallation.  You are correct that with
approach of mixing stuff into one tree it would be difficult to disentangle
stuff again.  But then, it isn't really my intention to try.

> Aside from simplifying paths etc, what is the advantage in sharing a bin
> directory in this way? It seems tidier to me to have each package installed
> separately in the fgs tree. I'm sure there are good reasons, I just don't know
> them.

The main benefit is that various kinds of paths don't get really long.  In
fact, if people were to unpack stuff directly under /usr/local they might find
they don't have to change any paths.

> Question: under the base dir there are bin, lib, etc....
> all binaries are in bin for all pkgs. In share, however there seem to be
> separate dirs for each pkg.
> GMT runs with the variable GMTHOME pointing to the GMT root directory, in this
> case ~bwood/myfgs. Under this GMT expects to find bin, lib, share etc. All the
> GMT share files (quite a few palettes, styles & data files) are in
> ~bwood/myfgs/share, _not_in  ~bwood/myfgs/share/GMT
> While I can set up the GHSSH coastline data files elsewhere (eg
> .../share/GHSSH) if you prefer, the others AFAIK need to be in ../share
> Is this a problem?

Hmm, yes, I would say it is.  This really sucks.

I have scanned through my copy of the GMT source, and it seems like the only
thing GMTHOME is used for is to construct a path to the share directory.  Also
there seems to be a configure directory to control the data directory (the share
directory) location.

So I would suggest you configure with something like:

   configure --prefix=/home/fgs/fgs-pkgs/gmt --datadir=/home/fgs/fgs-pkgs/gmt/share/gmt/share

When we set GMTHOME we would actually set it to $PREFIX/share/gmt and it would
find the files in $PREFIX/share/gmt/share.

I would also suggest you email the GMT list and see if they have any opinions
on clean ways of handling this.

> Also, GMT installs examples, tutorials & html docs in various directories. 
> They normally sit in a GMT directory. Where in the generic tree should these be
> put?

I would guess this could all go into $PREFIX/share/gmt or under it.  Eventually
we may want to think a bit more about some reasonable grouping for html browsable
documents so that after installing a bunch of FGS packages folks could go to one
master index.html and from there find all the sub-package html files that have
been installed.  But that will take some thought ... so just dump them in
$PREFIX/share/gmt for now.

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