Wood Brent pcreso at pcreso.com
Fri Jun 25 00:57:32 EDT 2004

> > Is this a problem?
> Hmm, yes, I would say it is.  This really sucks.

I figured you wouldn't like it :-)

> I have scanned through my copy of the GMT source, and it seems like the only
> thing GMTHOME is used for is to construct a path to the share directory. 
> Also there seems to be a configure directory to control the data directory
> (the share directory) location.

I assume you mean config file like coastline.conf in the $GMTHOME/share dir?

> When we set GMTHOME we would actually set it to $PREFIX/share/gmt and it
> would find the files in $PREFIX/share/gmt/share.
> I would also suggest you email the GMT list and see if they have any opinions
> on clean ways of handling this.

Paul Wessel agrees (& he should know :-), GMTHOME just for the share directory,
binaries anywhere as long as they are in the path. I'll sort out an install
script to set this up.
> > Also, GMT installs examples, tutorials & html docs in various directories. 
> > They normally sit in a GMT directory. Where in the generic tree should
> >these be put?
> I would guess this could all go into $PREFIX/share/gmt or under it. 
> Eventually we may want to think a bit more about some reasonable grouping for

> html browsable documents so that after installing a bunch of FGS packages 
> folks could go to one master index.html and from there find all the 
> sub-package html files that have been installed.  But that will take some 
> thought ... so just dump them in $PREFIX/share/gmt for now.

Sounds sensible... I'll try to get it done this weekend. 



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