Wood Brent pcreso at pcreso.com
Fri Jun 25 17:29:23 EDT 2004

> I am not sure what coastline.conf is for, but I assume it would go in
> $GMTHOME/share much like all the *.cpt, *.ras and stuff like gmt.conf.

Yep. It is a file pointing to the directories containing the coastline datasets
if they are NOT in the share directory.

Question: I have not included the full resolution coastline data, just low, med
& high. The full res set is another 20Mb odd. Is this OK with everyone? It is
enough data to be useful & for the examples to work with. I'm not sure if space
is going to be an issue & the data is readily available elsewhere.   

Also, I'm not adding the GMT supplemental programs for similar reasons, and
because many users won't require them. So this will be a basic GMT install. I
can easily add all the supplemental progs if anyone thinks a more complete
install is preferable?

> > Paul Wessel agrees (& he should know :-), GMTHOME just for the share 
> > directory, binaries anywhere as long as they are in the path. I'll sort out

> > an install script to set this up.
> Excellent!
> By the way, when I say dump them in $PREFIX/share/gmt, I mean the
> directories, not the files.  No need to jumble stuff up.

Figured that :-) The relocation is enough of a jumble anyway. GMT normally has
a few files in it's base/home directory which the combined fgs tree does away
with, so I've created a misc directory under share/GMT/share & stuck them there
for now...

This mornings effort has a working modified standard GMT install script which
has had the interactive & ftp bits bypassed, so it runs without intervention on
local files only.

Builds a normal GMT locally, including html docs & man pages & examples, then
creates the appropriate directories in the fgs-pkgs tree, including the
modified ../share ones, copies over the files into the new fgs GMT tree, then
runs fgsbuild to create the tar.gz.

That all seems basically OK. Hopefully I just need to check the fgsinstall &
sort out some notes about the correct setting of the GMTHOME env variable (&
then fix anything I haven't got quite right...)

Is setenv.sh an appropriate place to set the GMTHOME variable? 

It seems fine for local use under fgs, but I guess we'll need some standard
script to set these sorts of things up in the fgs package...



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