[FGS] Status / httpd / etc

Guillaume Dallaire gdallaire at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Sep 15 17:02:18 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-15 at 13:08, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Folks,
> It seems like there hasn't been too much activity here for a while.

> More importantly, I would like get an FGS "release" out with some sort of
> install / environment / package management scripts in the next few weeks.
> I will be issuing a GDAL 1.2.2 release soon and I would like FGS to be the
> "official" binary build of that for Linux.
> It would be nice for this "release" to include everything we have as "Testing"
> status.  There are some of the planning/development items I would *like* to
> see too, but likely best not to hold up things too much.

In building the mapserver package, I ran into some issues about the base
package :

- Conflicts between headers of already installed libs on development
machines and those installed in the FGS base directory. (gd, jpeg, krb5,
etc) : For example : currently, gd.h isn't in the fgs-base's include
directory. The system's gd.h is then used. If you build a new package
using another machine, you may not have the same version installed. It
opens the door to many problems.

- How to decide when a package is included in fgs-base package ? Why not
to have a very small base package with a package management script that
install package's dependencies itself ? 

To do it, each package only need to list its dependencies in a text file
that the package management script reads. I made some work on it and it
works very well.

Also, I wrote some pieces of bash codes that
download/extract/configure/make/install each packages. It compiles the
packages by calling the fgs_configure script. The fgs_configure script
executes :

$ ./configure --prefix=$FGS_DEV_HOME/built
--enable-this-lib=$FGS_DEV_HOME/lib .... ... 

$ make clean all

If no errors occurs, the fgs_install script does a make install. All
files are copied in the built directory. Then it installs only required
files (no headers) in another directory that will be the FGS package.

Currently, I concentrate my effort to build all the softwares needed to
run mapserver/php_mapscript with apache 1.3.31. All required libs are
built except those installed on all linux system (libc, libm, etc.).

It will be available through anonymous CVS tomorrow.

waiting for your opinion.

 Guillaume Dallaire              gdallaire at dmsolutions.ca
 DM Solutions Group              http://www.dmsolutions.ca/

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