[FGS] Status / httpd / etc

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Sep 15 17:20:08 EDT 2004

Guillaume Dallaire wrote:
> Currently, I concentrate my effort to build all the softwares needed to
> run mapserver/php_mapscript with apache 1.3.31. All required libs are
> built except those installed on all linux system (libc, libm, etc.).
> It will be available through anonymous CVS tomorrow.

Frank, and all,

Guillaume has done quite a bit of work to automate the build and 
packaging process, including dealing with dependencies. His packages 
have also been tested on a few environments already.

It would be great if you could look at what he's done and see if this 
could be adopted as "the way" to build/configure/manage packages with 
FGS (we're open to feedback/comments/improvements of course). I think 
your upcoming GDAL release could be good test for that.

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