[FGS] Install Process and Documentation

Dave wildrov at bellsouth.net
Wed Apr 27 08:06:34 EDT 2005

Greetings All,

  I have now read the ENTIRE Mailing list and still have not found a clear solution to my problem and I (THINK) I have seen an area that I may be of some use to this group.  A little background....I run a fairly popular Sport Fishing website.  I have been involved in a bunch of different coding projects over time, Most of them dealing in PHP.  I stumbled across your group because of a current project of bringing my members localized S S T maps.  I am NOT a programmer by any means but I have been around the block once or twice too.  Why am I telling you all this....because I seem to be (people like me) your target for distribution of FGS.


  I downloaded and installed the FGS Base Package the other night on my Linux home server.  (If you would like a link to both my site and my home server feel free to drop me an e-mail as I do not like to post them)  The install went clean.  No errors.  I have fgs starting at boot and it is running.  The problem I see is that I have FGS running on a different PORT as I have apache already running on port 80.  In my case I used port 8000.  


I have read and tried to understand this but it is not very clear.  


Redirecting main Apache to FGS's Apache

If your Apache has been configured to bind a port other than 80 and you
already have a web server running on port 80, you can add the following
to your main Apache httpd.conf file to redirect to FGS's Apache:

  ProxyPass        /directory/    http://fgsserver:port/directory/
  ProxyPassReverse /directory/    http://fgsserver:port/directory/

You could also use a redirection with iptables. 

Could you please post an example of what FGS requires in my main Apache http.conf.  If I do this will the entire site not be redirected to the FGS's Apache?


Currently when I go to http://www.mysite.net:8000/gmap-demo/ I get "Page can not be displayed"......if I go to http://www.mysite.net:8000 I get the empty DIR htdocs.  From what I have looked at in the program files I would have thought htdocs should contain the Demo files?  Maybe I simply missed something and I am barking up the wrong tree.  I don't know.


Thank You for Your Time and for what I hope is a great Program.  






Mandrake 10.1


1gig 133 ram

10-100 Ethernet

over a DSL modem


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