[FGS] FGS Project directions

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Jan 18 12:09:25 EST 2005

Tyler, Frank,

Hopefully you remember the discussions we had in the fall about our 
plans to enhance the FGS system with more automation and fine grained 
package management?

Guillaume has completed a first phase of work on this a few months ago, 
and we've got packages for MapServer and all its dependencies, including 
GDAL/OGR, PROJ, Apache and PHP. The automated installer has been used 
succesfully in several environments.

We would like to make this available as a project on maptools.org, but 
before we do that we need to clarify the relationship between our 
version of FGS and the work that you guys did initially. Our two 
versions started from the same base, but ours has evolved differently 
and we would not want to send a confusing message to the users out there 
with two different projects with the same name.

Perhaps we could call our new project FGS version 2.0, that would allow 
the original version to continue to be maintained, but my opinion is 
that future efforts should go towards porting the existing packages to 
the new version.

I spoke to Frank yesterday to get his opinion on this and he seems to 
feel that the original FGS project isn't very active any more, so he 
doesn't seem to be sure where it is going. Does anyone still have the 
intention of maintaining the original FGS project in its original form? 
What do you think of this Tyler? I believe that you and Frank were the 
original instigators behind FGS, so I would really like to find a 
solution that will allow us to move forward while still keeping everyone 

Oh, BTW, we've got a basic website for the new FGS version at

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