[FGS] FGS Project directions

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 19 22:53:47 EST 2005

Thanks for bringing it up Daniel.  I have no commitment to the original 
version, so don't worry about that.  Others on the list should comment too, 
but Brent Wood is one of the other initiators and shouldn't get off free 
without at least saying something :)

The project did stop being developed, but it was a success.  It gave us all a 
chance to discuss the concepts and methodology and for several of us it gave 
the sense of being able to contribute to the community--be it in packaging, 
testing, providing a server, etc.

I'm fine with the v2 idea.  The ONLY thing I really want to maintain is the 
ability for others to contribute.  With my increased (after hours) workload, 
I wasn't able to do much anyway, but with the "new approach" I was lost and 
couldn't contribute in that vein.  

I would still like to have the server available for having a collaborative 
compiling environment to work from.  Some sort of wiki would be good to 
maintain as well, though I'm not stuck on using the TWiki we had.  Using 
Maptools' moinmoin would be fine with me.

What were your plans for infrastructure and websites, etc?

> Oh, BTW, we've got a basic website for the new FGS version at
> http://www.maptools.org/fgs/

Sounds good.  I don't mind keeping the historical link to the original FGS 
project, but it will only muddy the waters. 

I move that we flip the switch with this new FGS approach as proposed, on the 
condition we get some clear docs. for developer/packages.  This will allow us 
to get started on porting other packages when we are able.  

I will still maintain the development server for folks who want to collaborate 
on building, but will leave the TWiki, mailing list and docs for Maptools to 
host.  Is this reasonable?

If no one else speaks up - let's consider your version as _THE_ FGS project 
and go from there.  I'm glad to see the interest in continuing the effort.  I 
know packaging has been on your to-do lists for a while, I'm just glad to 
think that maybe the FGS project pushed you guys to move on it :) !

Go team go!

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