[FGS] FGS Project directions

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 23 21:14:20 EST 2005

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Subject: Re: [FGS] FGS Project directions
Date: January 23, 2005 04:15 pm
From: Brent Wood <pcreso at pcreso.com>
To: Tyler Mitchell <tylermitchell at shaw.ca>

--- Tyler Mitchell <tylermitchell at shaw.ca> wrote:
> Thanks for bringing it up Daniel.  I have no commitment to the original
> version, so don't worry about that.  Others on the list should comment too,
> but Brent Wood is one of the other initiators and shouldn't get off free
> without at least saying something :)

Just back from a month at sea (& playing with QGIS & Postgis & GPS data with
 a few problems.... but 'tis another story :-)

> The project did stop being developed, but it was a success.  It gave us all
> a chance to discuss the concepts and methodology and for several of us it
> gave the sense of being able to contribute to the community--be it in
> packaging, testing, providing a server, etc.
> I'm fine with the v2 idea.  The ONLY thing I really want to maintain is the
> ability for others to contribute.  With my increased (after hours)
> workload, I wasn't able to do much anyway, but with the "new approach" I
> was lost and couldn't contribute in that vein.

On a scale of 1 to 10 my development skills are about -5, so I'm very much in
Tyler's company here. My goal with FGS was to try to get all the OS GIS tools
 I wanted to use available as an interoperable suite. (LinGIS also comes
 close to doing this, enough that I switched from Mandrake to SUSE to use
 it). So any development that makes it easier to install & use interoperably
 the wunnerful range of OS GIS packages gets my vote!!!

> I would still like to have the server available for having a collaborative
> compiling environment to work from.  Some sort of wiki would be good to
> maintain as well, though I'm not stuck on using the TWiki we had.  Using
> Maptools' moinmoin would be fine with me.

Fine here too....

> What were your plans for infrastructure and websites, etc?
> > Oh, BTW, we've got a basic website for the new FGS version at
> > http://www.maptools.org/fgs/
> Sounds good.  I don't mind keeping the historical link to the original FGS
> project, but it will only muddy the waters.

I don't know what Frank Warmerdan thinks, he was one of the key people behind
the original FGS project. In our original discussions he was very keen on a
distro agnostic approach, whereas I don't really care. I run Linux to play
 with GIS amongst other things, & will happily switch distros to support this
 if required....

> I move that we flip the switch with this new FGS approach as proposed, on
> the condition we get some clear docs. for developer/packages.  This will
> allow us to get started on porting other packages when we are able.
> I will still maintain the development server for folks who want to
> collaborate on building, but will leave the TWiki, mailing list and docs
> for Maptools to host.  Is this reasonable?
> If no one else speaks up - let's consider your version as _THE_ FGS project
> and go from there.  I'm glad to see the interest in continuing the effort.
> I know packaging has been on your to-do lists for a while, I'm just glad to
> think that maybe the FGS project pushed you guys to move on it :) !
> Go team go!
> Tyler

Great & ditto!!!

 Brent :-)


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