[FGS] Postgres createlang plpgsql ??

Shawn Barnes barnes at watersheds.ca
Fri Jul 8 12:42:32 EDT 2005

First off, great tool.  FGS has saved me an incredible amount of time, good work.

I am having one problem, though.  I install the postgresql-server:7.4.7 and postgis=-lib:1.0.0 modules.  
Postgres starts no problem but, i can't createlang plpgsql I get this error:

createlang: language installation failed: ERROR:  could not access file "$libdir/plpgsql": No such file or directory

Am I missing a module?



Shawn Barnes
Centre for Sustainable Watersheds
11 St. Mary's Street
Portland ON
K0G 1V0
barnes at watersheds.ca
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