[FGS] Unable to load dynamic library

Samuel Smith ssmith at refractions.net
Sat Jun 25 06:02:39 EDT 2005

 (Am Linux ~Newbie)
        A similiar issue came up in ~May 2005 from Bart Wood but remains
        unresolved on the list.
        Am facing the following error:
        Warning: dl(): Unable to load dynamic library
        - /opt/fgs/lib/libnetcdf.so:
        cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied
        in /opt/fgs/apps/chameleon-2.0/htdocs/chameleon.php on line 432
        Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ms_reseterrorlist()
        in /opt/fgs/apps/chameleon-2.0/htdocs/chameleon.php on line 553
        ldd on php_mapscript.so appears clean -- and the ldd on
        ldd /opt/fgs/lib/libnetcdf.so returns "statically linked" --
        seems fine
        I am on Fedora Core 4 (to make it difficult/fun).
        Suggestions/Comments are appreciated - Will report success /
        back to the list.
        Regards, Samuel Smith

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