[FGS] Mapscript/TCL

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Jun 30 14:52:15 EDT 2005

Dave Sampson wrote:
> Came across an interesting project called Mapserver Workbench at 
> http://msworkbench.sourceforge.net/
> it is described as, and I quote "A set of cooperative tools for 
> development of MapServer <http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu> web mapping 
> applications."
> One of the requirements for the Tcl/TK applications to work require 
> mapscript/TCL. I couldn't compile from source because i'm using the FGS 
> and mapserver is a bin package (I assume) .  Would it be possible to 
> have an FGS module for mapscript/tcl?
> These tools might be a good replacement to the defunct maplab which is 
> not provided through FGS.

Actually, I don't think MS Workbench has been actively maintained in 
years, the last release on the SourceForge site dates from 2001, which 
is around the last time we heard of it. This was in the days of 
MapServer 3.4-3.6, so even if you could build MapScript/Tcl, it is 
unlikely that MS Workbench would be of much help with recent MapServer 

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