[FGS] fgs-chameleon configuration

Bing Shi bings at geog.tamu.edu
Thu Mar 24 19:20:32 EST 2005

Thanks to Guillaume! That was a big help.
Now new problem: I configured fgs-chameleon, but
http://localhost/chameleon/admin/main.phtml ,  when select from "Mapscript 
from the list on left hand side, the right show:
"Version: MapScript Not Found -- configuration problem?"
And supported image types are all marked red X.

I had done cwc2 configuration,
http://localhost/cwc2/cwc2.php show the right message, means my Service 
Instance is configured correctly.
But  the files under
http://localhost/chameleon/samples/index.html are not working, showing error 
message as follows:
"Warning: dl(): Unable to load dynamic library
'/opt/fgs/www/lib/php4/php_mapscript.so' -
libmap.so.4.4.1: cannot open shared object file: No
such file or directory in
/opt/fgs/apps/chameleon-2.0/htdocs/chameleon.php on
line 432

Fatal error: Call to undefined function:
ms_reseterrorlist() in
/opt/fgs/apps/chameleon-2.0/htdocs/chameleon.php on
line 553 "

Thank you all in advance!


> Message: 2
> Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 14:36:20 -0500
> From: Guillaume Dallaire <gdallaire at dmsolutions.ca>
> Subject: Re: [FGS] newbie need applications help
> To: Bing Shi <bings at geog.tamu.edu>
> Cc: foss-gis-suite at lists.maptools.org
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> Bing,
> On Fri, 2005-03-18 at 12:07 -0600, Bing Shi wrote:
>> Daniel,
>> Thanks! But I guess I did not ask the right question.
>> My questions are,
>> 1) for using my own data to develop applications, do I have to build a
>> package (i.e. apps/myapps) in, e.g. /opt/fgs/etc/fgs/pkgs, using fgsdev
>> build, then install?
> No you don't need to build a complete module (you could if you need a
> way to automate the install process, especially if you have multiple
> installations to do on multiple hosts).
> Install your files in $FGS_HOME/www/htdocs/ OR
> ( in $FGS_HOME/apps/myapps AND add a .conf file in $FGS_HOME/www/conf.d
> directory, just like gmap demo or chameleon )
>> 2) since fgs running as a standalone environment, can we serve maps over 
>> the
>> Internet, not just localhost? how?
> Yes, if your FGS's apache has been configured to bind port 80, then your
> server is accessible from the net (add a redirection if your server is
> behind a firewall)
> If your apache has been configured to bind a port other than 80 and you
> already have a web server running on port 80, you can add :
> ProxyPass        /directory/    http://fgsserver:port/directory/
> ProxyPassReverse /directory/    http://fgsserver:port/directory/
> in your httpd.conf file if you use apache as main web server.
> You could also use a redirection with iptables.
> Guillaume
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