[FGS] cannot get installer running

RobertBuckley r.buckley at gmx.de
Thu Nov 3 02:17:11 EST 2005

Linux flavour: Debian Sarge
apache2 already installed

I hope you are able to hep.
After spending a lot of time trying to install mapserver in the traditional 
way i was thankfull to see such an installation bin like that from maptools.

however, the documention does does fully decribe the procedure for acheiving 
success which the installtion when apache2 is already installed and running.

fgs is installed and is runtime is ready!

I have installed the gmap-demo package onto /opt/fgs/mapserver/
The installation ran ok.
I have installed it on port 9000, and i have also altered my port forwarding 
rules on the router to allow access to port 9000.

The problem is when i type in my URL:9000/gmap-demo/ from my router. I 
always get error 404 Object not found??

if i type in my url:9000 the browser displays my index.html from my apache2 
server running on port 80.

thus the link is not set to redirect everything going to port 9000 into my 
gmap-demo area on the fgs server!  or am i wrong?

What do i have to configure to get mapserver running in the fgs environment?

I have read a provious message which talks about proxy redirect or something 
similar...but it wasnt explained in a context which i could directly apply 
to my case.
Could someone help me please.
Robert D Buckley

ps. in any examples yould you please enter the following paths to avoid 
my localserver=192.168.2.???
my url= robertdbuckley.???.org 

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