[FGS] Problems with proj

Espen Isaksen espen.isaksen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 10:04:52 EST 2005


I am having problems with proj. First of all I had problems enabling
the pl/pgsql language support. This problem disappeared suddenly after
some re-installations.

But now when I would like to do a transform in Postgis I get the
following error message:

ERROR:  PostGIS transform() called, but support not compiled in. 
Modify your makefile to add proj support, remake and re-install
CONTEXT:  PL/pgSQL function "transform" line 33 at return

Select postgis_version() gives this:

(1 row)

In the archive I found a post in July which said that $libdir had to
be updated with the lib directory of fgs and also the postgis.sql had
to be updated. The former I did by

export libdir=~/fgs/lib

But the latter I did not understand. What am I supposed to update?

Does anybody know what the problem is here?


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