[FGS] php_pgsql-module for pgsql 8.0.3?

Bart van den Eijnden BEN at Syncera-ITSolutions.NL
Tue Sep 20 05:41:03 EDT 2005


the current php_pgsql module is built against the postgres 7.4.7 libraries. Is there already a version out there for postges 8.0.3??? Or can I also install the 747 version of pgsql lib next to my 803 version without getting into problems?

[root at gis bin]# ./fgs force-install postgresql-lib:8.0.3 ~root/install/modules
+ Installing postgresql-lib:
  * Re-install module 'postgresql-lib' version 8.0.3
  + Getting and extracting module 'postgresql-lib'... ok
+ Copying all files into FGS environment... ok
* Module 'postgresql-lib' installed with success.
[root at gis bin]# ./fgs install php_pgsql-module:4.3.11 ~root/install/modules
+ Installing php_pgsql-module:
  + Getting and extracting module 'php_pgsql-module'... ok
    * Upgrade 'postgresql-lib' from version 8.0.3 to 7.4.7
    + Getting and extracting module 'postgresql-lib'...
! Cannot find file '/root/install/modules/fgs-postgresql-lib-7.4.7-linux-i386.tar.gz', aborting...

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