[FGS] Map server with Chameleon

Melvin, Greg Greg.Melvin at wanneroo.wa.gov.au
Mon Sep 26 20:01:22 EDT 2005

I installed the Mapserver/Chameleon package downloaded from Maptools.org on a linux box. Fedora Core 4 is the linux version.

Ran the demo as per the instructions and a map of Canada dutifully appeared. Turned off Linux box later and came back the next night. When I started up and tried to reach the maps of Canada again the browser said it could not connect.  I assumed that httpd was not starting but attempts to start it have been futile.

How does one start it? Or is this unlikely to be the problem.

The install is exactly as per the installer defaults with the address being localhost Port 8080.

Greg Melvin
greg.melvin at wanneroo.wa.gov.au

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